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Sanos applications


Sanos was initially written as a platform for running java applications. However, sanos has a fairly standard POSIX interface and a standard ANSI C runtime library. This makes it easy to port other applications written in C/C++ to sanos. Below you will find a small collection of applications that I have ported to sanos. These applications demonstrate the use of sanos for "OS-less" server appliances. The application is started right after sanos has booted and initialized. While sanos is running underneath the application, sanos is almost invisible, only providing the application with basic operating system services.


System Development Kit for sanos

Although sanos applications are normally compiled under Windows you can also compile your applications under sanos using the sanos system development kit (SDK).

Simple HTTP server sample for sanos

In order to demonstrate programming under sanos I have made a simple web server demo. It only consists of 200 lines of C code, but demonstrate some of the the basic programming style used for programming sanos server applications.

Simple text editor for sanos

The Sanos text editor is a simple editor that tries to follow the principle of least surprise by using the same key bindings as most GUI-based text editors like gedit and notepad.

PDP-11 Simulator with UNIX V7

Turn your PC into a PDP-11 running Seventh Edition UNIX . This way you can run UNIX just like Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson did back in 1979.

Sanos utilities

The standard distribution of sanos comes with a small collection of utilities. These utilities are useful for installing, configuring and using sanos. All the utilities are written in C and can also serve as examples of programming applications for sanos.

Sun HotSpot Java VM

You can run the Windows version of Sun HotSpot JVM under sanos. This is possible because sanos supports the standard PE executable format (.EXE and .DLL files). Wrappers are provided for the Win32 DLLs like kernel32.dll, user32.dll, wsock32.dll, etc., as well as the C runtime library msvcrt.dll.

MySQL Database Server for sanos

This is a sanos port of the popular open source database server MySQL from MySQL AB. This demonstrates how to port a non-trivial server application to sanos.

Wiki Server on a floppy

A small wiki server fitting on a floppy disk. This is a sanos port of EddiesWiki by Eddie Edwards with some modifications by Michel van de Wetering. Just boot from the floppy and your wiki is up and running.